Access Beyoncé in the Blink of an Eye: Austin-based Blink Identity materializes biometric admissions technology

Waiting in massive lineups to access venues may be a thing of the past. Austin-based startup Blink Identity has the solution we’ve all been waiting for: biometric access to a concert that is quick and seamless. “Blink Identity has created a fast, accurate and user-friendly identity service for live entertainment venues, solving the bottleneck problem and creating a preferential experience for consumers and venue owners alike,” said Jordan Fudge of Sinai Ventures, a lead investor of Blink Identity.

The company was conceived in January 2018 by Mary Haskett and Dr. Alex Kilpatrick; both of which have impressive qualifications. The duo has over a decade of experience designing, developing and deploying large scale biometric identification systems internationally for the Department of Defense, according to the company website.

Blink Identity technology works by identifying people at a normal walking pace–a revolution in itself. The system can verify the identity of 60 people per minute via a sensor and can do so in any lighting conditions, according to reports. Not having to stop and verify multiple identities allows the technology to be applied to events where tens of thousands of people gather—perfect for an entertainment company like Live Nation. “It is very notable that today we announce our partnership with, and investment in, Blink Identity, which has cutting-edge facial recognition technology, enabling you to associate your digital ticket with your image, then just walk into the show,” a Live Nation press release stated.

“Blink is revolutionary. Currently, commercial biometrics are almost nonexistent—primarily because other systems are high friction, difficult to use, inaccurate and vague about privacy/data protections. Our unique experience at large-scale/in-motion identity, combined with our focus on usability and privacy, will allow us to lead adoption in the commercial sector as well as open up new markets,” Haskett said in a statement.

The development of facial recognition technologies like the Blink Identity system can provide personalized user experiences, from VIP access to tailored advertisements. More information about Blink Identity can be found by clicking here.

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