Opinions Heading ‘Up the Ladder’ in Miami: Florida-based CityGrader allows citizens to review public service workers

Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to political leaders and representatives in the public sector. Have you ever had an outstanding experience with a police officer and wanted to let others know? Maybe you’ve had a not so great encounter with the local librarian and needed to express how you feel? A South Florida startup, appropriately named CityGrader, has recently developed kiosks that can help you with that itching desire to express opinions about public service employees.

CityGrader is a simple and effective platform dedicated to increasing the quality and accountability of local governments through reviews and feedback that comes directly from the public. According to the company website, through the CityGrader platform, taxpayers play a meaningful role in making positive change in local government by increasing the quality and accountability of public employees. To give you a taste of CityGrader, take a peek at the video below.

Via the app’s Public Partner Dashboard, local governments can work to improve public services and make adjustments to policies. All Public Partners of CityGrader pledge an oath to monitor feedback in an effort to improve accountability, transparency and public services. If you are a member of the public, all that is required is to enter your email address and basic contact information, then provide a grade and review. Once completed, you will submit the information, which will be reviewed by your local government representatives.

The CityGrader experience was conceived by a husband and wife duo after working with various building department employees. “We’ve had some rather remarkable experiences, both positive and negative. I find it’s hard to do anything about those experience, to give credit where credit is due and to give criticism where criticism is due,” said CityGrader founder Tony Newell. The most recent kiosks can be found at Miami’s City Hall and Miami Riverside Center. “Miami’s decision to join CityGrader as its first Public Partner demonstrates forward thinking and a continued commitment to improving the level of services it brings to residents,” Newell said.

“Miami residents are our bosses and we need their input to better serve them,” Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said. “Time and time again, we are witnessing how technology, like what CityGrader offers, continues to help us create a stronger connection between our government and residents.”

The app can also be used as a data-mining tool. This will allow governments and public-sector employees to track issues across the city via keyword searches. Action can then be taken in relation to the keyword complaints. The startup also released CityGraderGO, an app where citizens can rate employees from a smartphone or tablet. For more information on CityGrader, please click here.

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