An Unmanned Future: Austin-based SparkCognition creates UTM solutions

If you have ever wondered about (or even feared) how unmanned airplanes, air taxis and drones will not crash into each other when on a flight path, wonder no more. Boeing Co., the aerospace manufacturing giant, will partner with Austin-based SparkCognition Inc. to create unmanned traffic management (UTM) solutions. To achieve this, Boeing will use SparkCognition’s AI and blockchain technologies to track and create unmanned traffic routes to ensure safe travel conditions for unmanned air transportation.

“We partner with the world’s largest organizations that power, finance, and defend our society to uncover their highest potential through the application of AI technologies,” mentioned a blurb on the SparkCognition website. Solutions developed by the company are “agile” and can “streamline operations of any size, making it easier to accomplish goals and meet objectives in an expedited manner. These solutions can be seamlessly delivered via the cloud or on devices, and can also run on top of a client’s interface of choice.” It’s also worth mentioning that SparkCognition’s AI solutions lowered the cost of maitenance and improved available for a major aviation operator by 35%.

The company’s AI solutions can also warn of aircraft and asset failures before they occur, thus maximising fleet availability, minimizing unscheduled maitenance, and extending asset life. The company also provides simulated environments in which a user can train and control algorithms and evolve swarm tactics using reinforcement learning.

This promising partnership will also bring about a standardized programming interface to support package delivery, industrial inspection and other commercial applications. SparkCognition has its focus on a number of industries, such as cyber security, manufacturing, financial services, maritime, oil & gas, utilities, defence, and of course, aviation. “The world’s number one aviation leader partnering with the world’s most innovative industrial AI company means that unparalleled experience in safety, innovation, scale, and reliability will be brought to bear to address this monumental opportunity,” Husain said.

For more information on SparkCognition, please click here. For information on this innovative project, please see the video below.

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