New Mexico Patent of the Month – July 2023

OptiPulse, Inc., a leading innovator in data transfer technology, has patented a novel data transfer system that promises to improve the way we transmit and receive data. This system leverages advanced photonics technology to achieve high-speed, efficient, and cost-effective data transfers, addressing the growing demand for rapid and reliable data transmission.

At the heart of this system are OptiPulse’s optical data transceivers, which receive and convert different optical signals into digital signals representing corresponding data sets. These transceivers play a crucial role in capturing and digitizing optical data, enabling seamless integration with digital systems and applications.

To facilitate data transmission, OptiPulse has developed a photonics emitter comprising multiple semiconductor laser chips. These chips feature laser-emitting regions located within a common mesa structure, allowing them to receive different digital signals and generate variable laser signals representing the corresponding data sets. These laser signals are emitted in the form of a combined laser beam, enabling the simultaneous transmission of multiple data sets.

To optimize the performance and efficiency of the system, an optical multiplexer is employed downstream from the semiconductor laser chips. This multiplexer ensures the generation of a coherent and powerful combined laser beam, ready for transmission to the intended destination.

The data transfer system is designed for a range of applications, including data centers, autonomous vehicles, and even lighting sources. In data centers, the system can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, providing high-speed data transfers and enhancing overall processing capabilities. Moreover, the system’s versatility extends to serving as a lighting source, demonstrating its potential for multifunctional applications.

OptiPulse’s data transfer system also emphasizes sustainability and energy efficiency. By incorporating solar cells to power the components of data centers, the system reduces its reliance on traditional power sources and promotes environmentally friendly operations.

This innovative system enables the establishment of interconnected data centers in a mesh network configuration. Geographically dispersed data centers can seamlessly communicate with each other, enabling efficient data sharing and collaboration.

The system’s capabilities extend beyond data transmission, as OptiPulse has incorporated advanced photonics receivers to ensure accurate reception and processing of the combined laser beam. These receivers, working in harmony with the photonics emitters, convert the laser signals back into digital data, facilitating further processing and analysis by computer systems.

With its remarkable speed, efficiency, and versatility, OptiPulse’s data transfer system holds immense potential for transforming various industries, including autonomous driving, data analytics, and telecommunications. The system’s ability to handle large data sets with ease and reliability positions it as a game-changer in the era of data-driven innovation.

OptiPulse continues to push the boundaries of data transfer technology, revolutionizing the way we connect, communicate, and share information. To meet this end, the company is focused on developing and deploying cutting-edge optical wireless networks (OWN) that provide lightning-fast, secure, and cost-effective connectivity to people around the world.

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