Colorado Patent of the Month – June 2024

NUBURU Inc., a high powered laser company, has revolutionized laser technology with its innovative blue laser system, poised to transform additive manufacturing and material processing. Unlike traditional infrared (IR) systems, which are limited by their wavelength and absorption characteristics, NUBURU’s blue laser system operates within the visible spectrum, offering unprecedented capabilities in precision and efficiency.

At the heart of NUBURU’s invention lies a robust architecture designed for versatility and performance. The system features a powerful blue laser source capable of emitting a laser beam between 400 nm to 500 nm, ideal for high-resolution applications. Integrated with an advanced X-Y scanning system, this setup allows precise directing and scanning of the laser beam over a sizable addressable field, enhancing operational flexibility.

Central to its functionality is an electronically adjustable lens system comprising three optics, including a movable second optic. This configuration enables on-the-fly focusing, mimicking the performance of an F-Theta lens system crucial for maintaining consistent spot size and laser intensity across varying distances. This capability not only ensures superior control during operations like welding, cutting metals, and soldering electronic components but also extends to processes involving non-metallic materials.

NUBURU’s system addresses the inherent limitations of IR-based systems. By leveraging the unique properties of blue laser light, including reduced material reflectivity and enhanced absorption, the system achieves greater penetration depths and efficiency in material processing. This breakthrough translates into faster build speeds and larger build volumes, accommodating a range of industrial applications from aerospace components to medical devices.

NUBURU’s commitment to innovation is further underscored by its incorporation of advanced monitoring and control technologies. Integrated pyrometers and thermal cameras enable real-time monitoring of weld puddle temperatures, facilitating precise control and consistent results.

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