Red Points Offers Online Protection from IP Infringement and Counterfeiting

Online counterfeiting, piracy, and distribution fraud has been on the rise as online shopping increases. Red Points Solutions S.L. has focused their efforts in developing an artificially intelligent Brand Intelligence platform which protects companies from this fraud. The company started in Barcelona, Spain and expanded their activities into New York in 2018.

They use artificial intelligence to continuously connect web crawlers to a rules-based rights management database. This database learns from and expands on each company’s account history, providing a growing level of protection over time. Using these detection bots, they scan marketplaces and ecommerce sites for any sign of online infringements. These bots adapt with the growth of online marketplaces, so even niche sites are scanned frequently, providing as complete a coverage as possible. Red Points regularly works on upgrading and expanding their technology, hoping to minimize online fraud as much as possible.

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