Wearable Pain Relief and Prosthetics for Pets

In 2018, Americans spent $72 billion on their pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. It’s part of a trend of people ‘humanizing’ their pets: spending excess money on toys, beds, insurance, even day spas and gourmet meals. For many people, pets are the new children, or at least they’re being treating as such. And while the lavish splurges on pampering sessions may be a ridiculous use of money, this trend isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It also means more people are paying closer attention to what their animals need, and that extends beyond household pets.

Animal Ortho Care (AOC) is a vet tech company that stays away from the spa sessions and instead develops animal prosthetics and braces. The company’s not limiting itself to dogs either; it’s helped over 20,000 animals from elephants to birds. It’s revolutionizing the rehabilitation and pain management of animals in need with some high-tech products.


Owner Derrick Campana started out fitting orthotics and prosthetics for people, and got the idea for AOC when a vet brought her dog into the practice. In the 15 years since, the company has expanded its product range with varying treatments to help more animals. The company sends a casting kit to veterinarians and pet owners to take molds, and creates a customized brace or prosthetic once the mold is sent back. Its custom-fit braces sell for about $600, and the prosthetics around $1,000 to $1,700; both are a much cheaper alternative to surgery.

Campana told AOL that he’s glad people are giving their pets a second chance. “If you bring a dog in with a fractured toe, a traditional vet might amputate the entire limb… when you hop on one leg, the rest of your body can break down so quickly. We have proven that we can tack on at least two years to a dog’s life by adding a prosthetic.”

Innovative PEMF Therapy Tech

AOC’s products are designed to be comfortable and intuitive, because it understands that pets are family. The company’s braces are made with thermoforming medical grade foam, and have dynamic hinges and tensioning systems. But if that wasn’t enough, AOC pushed itself to provide ground-breaking technology in its medical devices. This led to the creation of the world’s first wearable pain relief system for pets using PEMF therapy.

It relieves pain by sending pulses to the body at specific frequencies to stimulate cells. This triggers electrical currents. These currents allow bodies to move and think, but they can become damaged because of disease, trauma or toxins. PEMF therapy restores positive and negative charges in the body’s cells and help speed up the recovery process. Unlike x-ray machines, PEMF waves are at extremely low frequencies, so are completely safe. The tech also has more than 60 years of clinical success behind it and been FDA approved for 25 years.

The result is a treatment that increases circulation, accelerates bone healing and enhances muscle function. It’s used on animals with joint and bone pain, after surgeries, or to ease pain from Hip Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis and In-vertebral Disc Disease.

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