AI technology and medical data might be the next thing to save a life

Humans bodies are all the same in theory, but in reality can be so very different. Almost all of us have 206 bones, 650 muscles and approximately 37.2 trillion cells. But there’s also eight main blood groups, and a unique set of DNA for each and every person. Add to this four different strains of influenza, more than 100 types of cancer, and infinite ways of breaking a bone. It’s clear to see that our health is a very confusing thing.

However, improvements to technology are helping both patients and professionals in the healthcare industry. This is where comes in; this healthtech company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) software to find patterns in medical data, predict at-risk patients and recommend solutions. It’s been named one of Built In Austin’s 50 Startups to Watch in 2019, and it’s clear why. The company aims to tackle heathcare’s most difficult challenges by providing ‘personalized medicine’, something Nicole Martin of Forbes says is the way of the future.

‘Precision medicine’, or ‘personalized medicine’, involves creating personalized treatment, taking into account the patient’s genes, habits, location and environment. AI algorithms increase the accurancy of this personalized medicine and predict the outcomes the patient will have. To take this one step further, AI can process a mass of patient data, see patterns and can draw from this reasons why diseases may occur, who’s most likely to get them, and what to look for even before symptoms show. uses predictive analytics to give patients early diagnosis, targeted interventions, and personalized care. It can also see trends and help identify the patients who will benefit most from certain treatments. This means that the best patients are selected for clinical trials, so pharmaceutical companies lessen their risks and gain real-world evidence of drug-effectiveness. Not only are patients getting the best treatments, but theses treatments are also more efficient, more readily-available, and more affordable.

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