Avrio Analytics Forges New Training Path with AR-Based Firefighter Training Tool

Avrio Analytics is a Tennessee based technology company that provides programs meant for mission-critical operations. They have developed Forge, an augmented reality training tool for firefighters. Avrio has just announced the release of Forge as a full customizable program.

Avrio has developed the program to utilize AI and biometric training to provide hands-on training in realistic, digital environments, allowing firefighters in training to experience simulated emergencies.

In emergency situations, firefighters need to be ready with skills such as communication, situational awareness, and response tactics. Often, in the heat of the moment, these can be forgotten as the firefighter experiences shock. By engaging and training with Avrio’s emergency simulator, they can have tailored training to improve an individual’s abilities.

Their AI program, Forge, is the first augmented reality 360° size up simulator and provides fully 3D, immersive scenarios. They can be structured at full scale so that the firefighter must physically walk around the building and perform a real-life size-up of the situation. It can allow multiple firefighters to partake in the simulation at once, training them in the aspect of working together. 

Avrio has directed their R&D efforts to help these mission critical operations, developing both fire and police training to improve safety and efficiency. Their systems not only simulate real-world emergency scenarios, but also utilize bespoke data analysis to ensure responses and outcomes are truly accurate.

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