It’s Time to Leave Forgetting in the Past

We’ve all had those experiences where you’re heading out the door for the day and think “what am I forgetting?”. Ofcourse, later that day you realize it’s garbage day and you didn’t bring the bins out, or it’s set to rain and you left your umbrella at home. Our memories are fallible, often leaving us stranded. Our days only get busier, with a million little things to do, it makes sense that a few of these fall off our radar.

Under the name Did U Remember to LLC, Christine Unnold and her father, Bob Unnold, decided enough was enough and built a device that will prevent these memory lapses. 

All of our phones have calendars and time apps that can be used to set reminders, but these are limited by our schedule. They only work if we are exactly on time as planned. For instance, if you set a reminder to turn off the AC but you’re ahead of schedule, you might already be on your way to work by the time the reminder goes off. Christine and Bob’s device – called the Atendit – overcomes this limitation.

The Atendit is a combination of an app and a Bluetooth sensor. The motion sensor wirelessly communicates with your phone. You can place the sensor anywhere that suits your reminder needs. For instance, if you need reminders to bring your coffee and lunch to work, you can place the sensor by the door. As you head out the door, the sensor detects your motion and sends a reminder to your phone. If you need reminders to take your medication, you could place it in the bathroom and the same process will occur.

The app can also be programmed in other ways. For instance, it can be set up to check the forecast and alert you to impending rain.

With this system, you can always get your reminders at just the right time.

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