North Carolina Startup Creates Software to Bring Farmers into the Digital Age

With the constant technological change that shapes how people live and consume products, digital business management tools can help businesses adapt and stay ahead of the game. But what about companies who don’t typically use technology? We don’t often think of farmers and tech going hand-in-hand, but that’s where Growers comes in. The company identified a gap in the market – with a huge array of equipment available to farmers, but no centralized system to streamline communication between key parties, unify operations and maximize productivity

Being raised on a farm gave its founder, Steven Valencsin, a good insight into the business needs of farmers. From this knowledge, Growers developed a number of software solutions, namely Growers Agronomy™ and Growers Rally™: 

  • Agronomy helps farmers create plans using a forward approach, touching on 5 key aspects – creating crop plan, fertility program, planting program, modelling financial impact of those decisions and being able to make iterative changes in real time to the impact on your bottom line. 
  • Rally combines farm planning with customer relationship management (CRM). Growers designed the platform to meet the needs of agriculture retailers and farmers by enabling them to converse digitally and utilize other planning tools within the platform, such as creating sales plans. The software is expected to be released in the summer of 2021. 

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