Verizon has Launched a 5G Lab at the University of Illinois Research Park

Verizon has launched a new 5G innovation hub at the University of Illinois. It’s part of the company’s plan to utilize 5G technology in more real world applications. The ‘Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband’ service will explore how 5G can be used in machine learning, IoT, robotics, AI, guided vehicles, drones, VR, data analytics, and more. 

“Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband’s super-fast speeds, increased bandwidth and low latency can enhance applications for industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing,” said Tami Erwin, EVP and CEO of Verizon Business. “The Research Park is an ideal location for our latest 5G Innovation Hub serving as an environment that cultivates startups, and inspires collaboration among various corporate partners and students to spur creativity and accelerate the innovation process.”

The Innovation Hub at the University of Illinois Research Park at Urbana-Champaign is home to more than 120 companies. It allows students, startups and tech employees to combine their knowledge and skills, to collaborate and develop innovations.

Verizon’s Illinois launch is part of the company’s larger plan to partner with enterprises, startups, universities, labs, and government, to explore how 5G can disrupt and transform industries. It has six 5G labs in the U.S., each specializing in exploring use cases in industries from healthcare to entertainment. For example, its Columbia University Lab is working on rehabilitation through VR. The 5G provides extremely low latency, meaning that two people can work together faster (e.g. a patient and a physician), or a person can view their own movements back in real time. One of Verizon’s New York Labs explores the future of retail, attempting to leverage 5G technology into smart wearable devices and augmented reality shopping apps. Another New York team looks at mobile and computer gaming, with 5G improving the processing power (e.g. faster rendering, less lag, better ability for graphics, etc).

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