In2Bones Announces New Biomaterial

Many of us take our abilities for granted. The ability to walk, to reach, to jump without pain or fear our bones will break. But there are many people who struggle with bone, ligament, and muscle deformities and, as a result, suffer from chronic pain. A leading manufacturer of implants for extremities, In2Bones Global, Inc. works to reduce pain and improve patient care. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, In2Bones continually creates unique solutions in the orthopedic field of medicine. Recently, they’ve announced their partnership with Invibo Limited to research, develop, and manufacture a new biomaterial for implants. 

Invibo Limited’s PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra Reinforced (POUR) carbon fiber technology will be used in In2Bones’s implants for the lower extremities. The POUR material supports faster healing since it’s more similar to bone than other metal implants. The material is also more fatigue resistant than metal, meaning implant failure from overuse or fracture is reduced. Invibo Limited’s POUR material is also radiolucent (transparent to x-rays), meaning the radiation will pass through it, so doctors can better monitor the healing site without the implant in the way. Together, In2Bones and Invibo Limited seek to improve patient care by reducing pain and increasing motion. 

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